hockey sports bag

XXclusive Hockey & Sports Bags

For all your hockey-materials, sports-gear and personal articles XXclusive Sports developed a variety of bags.


Whether it is a single stick-bag or a combination-bag where multiple sticks can be stored and have a separate (removable) backpack for other materials. We even thought of your toiletries.


You can see examples of the bags in our webshop. You have the options to choose in a variation of colors.


XXclusive Backpack with stickholder


A well-designed backpack on which you can attach your stick.

Goalie Backpack Mini/Midi

Delivery time:3-4 days

Why lug around an awkward oversized Goalietas for a Mini or Midiset ?!


The XXclusive Goalie Backpack has enough space for a comprehensive Mini / Midi kit.


This also has the backpack straps for even the smallest goalkeepers to transport as backpack.

Equipped with two ventilation holes to moderate the air and an extra pocket for the goalie stick.


Furthermore by the size a space saver in the car!

XXclusive Goalkeeper bag with wheels

Delivery time:3-4 days

Enough space to easily transport the complete goalie equipment.

XXclusive stick/sportsbag with detachable backpack


The most ideal form of a combined stick and backpack.

There are several storage facilities in both compartments. And of course there is room for multiple sticks. Ideal for your personal belongings safely be stored separately from your sport by the uncoupling of the detachable backpack.

With extra wide straps for more comfort.